Payakumbuh David Hild | Video Editor | Technical Writer | Multimedia Specialist From my LinkedIn profile:

Akita ” I hired David as a contract technical writer to develop end-user help documentation for the Fidelity Learning Channel’s nine custom built SharePoint 2013 App Parts. This was a big initiative that included converting over 50 internal legacy websites to the SP 2013 platform. My team was shorthanded in the website conversion process. So David jumped right in to help with business analysis and development planning. Without having ever worked in SharePoint 2013 he was converting legacy sites in no time using not only our own custom App Parts but also his strong HTML/CSS and digital imaging skills to build out what I like to call the “flowery” pages. He even took the initiative to work in a JavaScript image carousel to use as a page banner and documented that. David has a diverse skillset and is a quick learner. I highly recommend him for any type of documentation or web development project. “

Andy Parham / Principal Systems Analyst at Fidelity Investments

” I had the pleasure of working with David at Corporate Focus, known as Two Step Software at the time. His well-rounded skillset was very helpful in assisting our marketing efforts: from designing HTML emails, to creating various graphics, to proofreading and editing. David’s video and sound production skills always assured that our recorded webinars, training videos, and audio testimonials looked and sounded their best. I believe that David would be an asset to any company that’s looking for a true team player who has a range of diverse, useful talents. “

Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane / eMarketing Specialist for Social Media at Thermo Fisher Scientific

” I hired David to bring his accomplished technical writing skills to Corporate Focus. David started off by improving the content and style of the Corporate Focus end-user help material. He was also responsible for switching our authoring tool from RoboHelp to MadCap Flare as part of modernizing our help process. Over the years, we grew David’s responsibilities by asking him to work on our website and other sales and marketing materials. This required David to further develop his web skills (HTML, CSS, WordPress) and his graphic design abilities. Plus, our marketing and support groups relied heavily on video to spread the Corporate Focus vision, so David had to be our video expert too. David is an accomplished technical writer and web professional who is adept at working with different groups and personalities. “

Jeremy Wright / Senior Vice President, Product at Solium

” I had the privilege of working with David at ADI Time, a Time & Attendance software developer. David was involved in a large number of technical writing and design projects for the company. David always produced high quality writing even in the difficult space of Time & Attendance. He had the ability to write documents that an end user could clearly understand. Also, his willingness to make adjustments with little to no notice in a short time period was a great asset to our team and would be to anyone who works with him. “

Jon Volatile / Industrial Security & Investigators, Inc.

” David did a wonderful job for us at Alberti’s Window, starting with a manual/help system and then taking the initiative to organize, design, and implement our Web site. He was very calm, pleasant and easy to work with, quite welcome in our chaotic startup environment. I recommend David for anything he would like to do, especially graphics, help systems, and Web design. “

Paul Antonucci / Owner, Alberti’s Window LLC

” As a Senior Software Engineer at TradeAccess, I enjoyed working with David, who was a real asset to the development team. His calm nature and ablility to quickly grasp the complexities of the application was impressive in a rapid development environment with frequent functionality changes. I recommend David highly for any type of documentation, especially that which requires making extremely technical information understandable to the intended audience. “

John Harvie / Independent Aviation Professional